AGUILAR, Gabriela

Docente de Lengua Inglesa e investigadora del Instituto de Investigación en Lenguas Modernas.
Gabriela Aguilar is an English Teacher and Public Translator graduated from UNC (National University of Córdoba). She has mostly worked as a teacher for over 20 years now. In 1999 she won the Rotary Club GSE (Group Study Exchange) Scholarship to the USA where she did research on the teaching of English as a foreign language and Spanish as a foreign language. She is currently a Language and Phonetics and Phonology professor at USAL university. She is a member of Ofelia Veltri’s research team in Lenguas Modernas and has investigated on “how ICTs (Information Communication Technologies) affect cognitive development and the learning paradigms”, on “how knowledge is collaboratively constructed in CoIs (Communities of Inquiry)” and on “The importance of the EoR (Ecology of Resources Method) in the development of knowledge”.  She is also an e-learning platform content designer at CIIBA (Argentinian Air Force English Language Centre) and she is doing a postgraduate degree in “e-learning teaching and design and development of online course material”.